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C.F. Russell Excavating understands how important excavation is in creating a solid foundation for your home and under your porch or deck. To enhance your overall enjoyment of your residential property, our team helps you start fresh with a brand new excavation and foundation project; let us help you demolish your current foundation and lay the bones for a better, safer, more aesthetically-pleasing build. It’s our goal to provide every homeowner in the Wilmington, MA and Middlesex County, MA areas with well-constructed, well-managed excavation and home improvement projects. No matter the size of your residential property, C.F. Russell Excavating’s experience, knowledge, skill, and ownership of the right heavy machinery ensures that excavation is done efficiently and effectively to help you achieve your end goal. Browse all our available excavation and foundation services below and contact us to get your own on-site quote!

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In short, excavation on a residential property first involves marking what areas are designated as being “for excavation.” From there, we’ll have the site evacuated at the right time specified by you, the homeowner. C.F. Russell Excavating crews immediately get to work with our collection of heavy excavation equipment — including excavators, skid steers, and dump trucks — moving all the dirt from the worksite. This is all in an effort to replace your current foundation or to implement a new foundation on the property for a house. After this first stage of a client project is complete, C.F. Russell Excavating paves the way for the foundation to be poured, typically a mixture of concrete. After your in-person, on-site consultation with us, we’ll provide a tentative timeline for how this excavation process will be completed.

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Demolishing a household’s foundation is an important step in an excavation project. Reusing old foundations can pose risks in terms of design and safety. To ensure a safe and high-quality end result, C.F. Russell Excavating’s team specializes in demolition and removal of residential property’s shallow and deep foundations, replacing them with solid, new structures. All of this is factored into your on-site quote, provided by our team after carefully considering all your concerns, questions, and vision for the excavation project! Whether you need demolition or both demolition and excavation, C.F. Russell Excavating is here to assist you!

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Post Footings

Post footings are needed for construction work or other types of landscaping projects because it provides a foundation. The idea behind these footings is to evenly distribute the weight of a structure over a larger surface area, keeping everything stable and level. Using these structures is key to increasing the amount of load that can be supported. C.F. Russell Excavating’s team installs post footings on your Wilmington, MA and Middlesex County, MA residential property. This process involves pouring concrete at the base of a large hole dug in the soil, before a wooden support pole is stuck inside the concrete and into the hole. Not only does this prevent the need to remove large amounts of soil, but it also provides a strong anchor. Discover all the benefits of this option by contacting C.F. Russell Excavating!

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