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Come to C.F. Russel Excavating in Reading, Massachusetts for our trusted team of experts and contractors. Our team specializes in various projects and commits to excellence. You can trust our services including improving foundations, storm drainage, septic systems, and retention walls. Describe your vision and we’ll make it happen.

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Excavation & Demolition

Foundation Excavation & Demolition

The stronger your foundation, the stronger the build. To enhance a property's overall enjoyment, we start you with a new excavation and foundation construction. Creating a better and safer build. Our professional knowledge, experience, and ownership of the proper machinery guarantee your excavation is done right to help achieve your end goal here in Reading.

Storm Drainage

Storm Drainage Solutions

To prevent potential flooding, erosion, or further damage, C.F. Russell Excavating provides you with a selection of different types of storm drainage systems. Options range from swales, french drains, and subsurface drains. By redirecting water runoff away from your property, we ensure the integrity and stability of your property to prevent further issues.

Retaining Walls

Grading and Retaining Walls

C.F. Russell Excavation’s grading and retaining walls ensure a level and stable foundation while also providing stability for gardening and stormwater drainage work. Our process includes tree and bush removal in order to create optimal space. Grading and retaining walls help to draw rainwater away from important structures and prevent further erosion. They also create a more aesthetic design for your property.


Snowplowing and Removal in Reading, MA.

We provide snow removal services essential in Reading, including snowplowing, removal, and other safety services to keep your family safe during and after harsh winter storms. C.F. Russell also provides sanding and salting services to enhance further safety and protection for you and others.

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C.F. Russell Excavation services help to identify unique challenges while creating trust and confidence in our services. Whether it is breaking ground for new development or continuing structural integrity, your projects will be completed effectively and efficiently in Reading. Contact us today to assist with your next construction project.

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