Grading and Retaining Walls


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If your Wilmington, MA or Middlesex County, MA residential property is in need of a few updates, C.F. Russell Excavating can help by providing excavation, demotion, construction, and other services relating to grading and retaining walls. This type of landscape architectural design is often used to ensure a level, stable foundation and to provide an important base for other gardening work and stormwater drainage work. Browse all our available surfaces for prepping and installing grading or retaining walls and contact our C.F. Russell Excavating team today to get started!

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Tree & Bush Removal

During the grading process, or if an individual is prepping to build a retaining wall, it may be possible for trees or bushes to be removed. The purpose of a retaining wall is to help prevent erosion over time, and moving trees and bushes can help create the perfect space in which to construct this structure. Alternatively, if you’re simply wanting to remove a tree or bush, C.F. Russell Excavating can still help!

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As we briefly touched on above, grading work from C.F. Russell Excavating provides several different benefits. Investing in this type of residential improvement is one of the best ways to prevent your home from having issues with moisture and stormwater. With our team’s help, you can adjust the slope of your property in order to help draw rainwater and other forms of moisture away from important structures and your home’s foundation. Let us help you with this, and by installing proper storm drainage systems!

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Retaining Walls

Installing retaining walls on your residential property provides long-term benefits. Aside from being an aesthetically-pleasing landscaping feature, this type of structure can also improve drainage of excess water and prevent soil erosion; if soil slopes downwards, then it can lead to further landscaping and structural issues. No matter what designs or materials you’re thinking about utilizing for your retaining wall, we can help!

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If you’re looking to make general improvements to your residential property’s grading or retaining walls, C.F. Russell Excavating can help you start fresh by demolishing any structures that may be in the way of accomplishing your new project. Let our team handle every aspect of getting rid of pre-existing or poorly-aged retaining walls so we can help you build a brand new one! In your initial on-site quote, our team will lay out exactly what you can expect and what the tentative completion timeline would be.

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Excavation & Construction

As mentioned above, whether your property is in need of devotion service or not, C.F. Russell Excavating can also help with prepping any space and constructing retaining walls or grading. Our team possesses the right types of heavy machinery — including excavators, skid steers, and dump trucks — to start any project and see it through to completion. Discover all the value we can offer your property and get in touch with us now!

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