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The east coast of the United States is known for heavy snowstorms — often called Nor'easters — which means afterward it’s normally up to the homeowner to get all the built-up power and ice off their property. However, especially with a heavy fall, this can be backbreaking work that takes an abnormally long time. C.F. Russell Excavating can take care of this for you, however, and clear out your Wilmington, MA or Middlesex County, MA residential property. Several different variations of snow plowing, snow removal, and snow safety services are available through our team, and with our help, you can keep your family safe during and after any harsh winter storm. Contact our C.F. Russell Excavating team today for an on-site quote and an accurate timeline of your project’s estimated completion.

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Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

Carrying heavy loads of snow in a shovel is incredibly difficult. Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet. C.F. Russell Excavating can help take this pressure off of you and your family with our snow plowing and snow removal services. Snow plowing is much less stressful and is a lighter burden compared to traditional shoveling methods; with a simple piece of machinery, we can remove any amount of snow from your residential property in no time at all! Let us help you clear out your driveway, front lawn, backyard, and nearby sidewalks so you can use your car without any trouble and once again walk around safely without worrying about ice.


Sanding & Salting

Another common way of making walking (or driving) on snowy or icy pathways bearable and less dangerous is to put down a layer of sand or salt. However, if you’re caught unawares and are unable to take proper precaution beforehand, you may be out of luck when it comes to heavy winter storms. C.F. Russell Excavating can help keep your Wilmington, MA or Middlesex County, MA residential property safe by putting down a layer of sand or salt for you to walk or drive on. These substances are beneficial because sand provides an additional layer of friction on slippery ice — making it easier to drive on — and salt lowers the freezing point of water, preventing more ice from forming. Let us help you today!


Sidewalk Clearing

If you manage to get your driveway all cleared of snow and ice, there’s still the sidewalk to deal with. In fact, it’s possible for local or city ordinances to require residents to clear out their sidewalks as a matter of public safety. But whether you fall into this category, or simply want your property to be safe to walk on, C.F. Russell Excavating provides the sort of high-quality, expert work you can count on. Our crews are more than capable of helping you clear out your sidewalks so snow doesn't sit and eventually form into slippery ice.

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