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The weather in Wilmington, MA and Middlesex County, MA has the potential to wreak havoc on a residential property’s foundation and safety. Rainwater, melted snow, and other forms of moisture need to be taken care of properly in order to prevent more serious issues, such as flooding or erosion. C.F. Russell Excavating can help prevent homeowners from falling victim to this type of environmental demand by installing a storm drainage system to carry away water runoff. Discover all the different features storms drainage systems entail and contact us for an on-site quote today!

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Site Grading

Site grading is a common technique used by crews like C.F. Russell Excavating to adjust the sloping of a property’s soil and overall landscape before a new structure is built. This process has a few different purposes, such as ensuring a sturdy, stable, even foundation and having any water runoff, rain, or snow flow away in a certain direction. If this process is not complete, it can contribute to more issues down the road.

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On a residential property, the purpose of a swale is to assist in carrying water runoff and excess rainwater to the drain inlet, and in turn to the main part of the storm drainage system. C.F. Russell Excavating is happy to help our clients construct a swale — a shallow ditch built into a lawn or landscape at an angle in order to effectively collect and carry water. If you’re unsure of how to fit one of these onto your Wilmington, MA and Middlesex County, MA property, contact us!

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French Drains

In terms of helping stormwater and other excess moisture flow away from important household structures, and away from a household's foundation, a french drain is often installed. C.F. Russell Excavating can help you plan out, excavate, and install this type of skinny trench to properly and effectively redirect the stormwater. This solution is quite hidden and can be constructed so it’s not easily visible on your property.

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Subsurface Drains

Another popular option when it comes to C.F. Russell Excavating’s storm drainage is a subsurface drain. Similar to french drains and swales, this structure is a perforated conduit that lies underneath the ground, carrying stormwater through piping and tubes to the drain inlet or to another safe location. If you’re unsure which would be best for your home, contact us for a second opinion! C.F. Russell Excavating is here to help you identify the benefits of different options and to make the right decision for your home.

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